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How To Fillet Blue Gill?

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Catching the bluegill with special secret bait that will be told to you on the fishing spot, is one of the best fishing experiences that you will relish.  To add spice to this experience, learning how to fillet a bluegill can turn out to be real fun filled and delectable sporting experience. Here is a set of systematic instructions filleting a blue gill.

Stiffening the fish

You should first put the fish meat for stiffening because it makes it  easier to cut fish meat; stiffening is done by placing the meat in freezer bags and freezing them for nearly  40 minutes.


Filleting the bluegill

  • Placing the knife behind the gills and the pectoral find, draw a line at the least half an inch deep by drawing toward the head of the fish until the beginning of the backbone, which marks the beginning of the spine.
  • Turn the knife away from the head and still keeping track of the backbones, draw a line using the top of the sharp knife, so that you do not cut the backbone, towards the tail passing behind the fins on the belly.
  • Then scrape the fillets away from the fish by scraping along the ribs from the head towards the tail and still intact in this region with the fish.
  • Hold the bluegill fillet up and the scrape of the skin away from the fish meat as close to the skin as possible, but this time starting from the tail toward the head, slowly and steadily, without breaking the fillet. The quicker you do,  better will be the results as the fish will be firmer because it was frozen.
  • Repeat the same process on the other side of the fish in a similar fashion.  Place the fillet tafter removal in a bucket of water and clean them by washing in this clean water. Now its time to either freeze them r use them to make your fish camping dinner.


Thus, filleting a bluegill is a real fun – isn’t it? 


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How To Fillet Blue Gill?