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How To Cut Salmon

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If you want to know how to cut salmon, you have reached the right place. We are going to explain how to cut salmon into steaks as well as fillets. Steaks of salmon are best for grilling, filleting, sautéing etc.  A little bit of preparation is required prior to cutting salmon. Salmons have scales and it is mandatory that the scales are removed and this can be a bit messy. The trick is to do it with a sturdy knife and scale a small part at a time.



Cutting Salmon Steaks                                                                                                        


  1. Place scaled salmon on cutting board.
  2. Using scissors snip off the fins.
  3. With a sharp knife, cut the head off just below the gills.
  4. Slit the belly open and discard the entrails.
  5. Cut salmon parallel to the head to make steaks of desired thickness.
  6. The fat in the middle of the slices or steaks have to be chopped off.
  7. The bones have to be carefully located and removed.
  8. Wash the steaks well before cooking.


Cut Salmon Fillets


  1. Follow steps 1 to 3 from the above section.
  2. Place a serrated knife right next to where the gills were.
  3. Cut to the backbone.
  4. Now cut parallel, along the back bone until you reach the tail of the salmon.
  5. Lift the top fillet off.
  6. Turn the fish over to cut the lower fillet.
  7. Cut along the back bone, holding the flap that is being cut to keep it away from the knife’s way.
  8. This also ensures that the belly flesh is not cut or shredded.
  9. Cut till the tail and separate the lower fillet.
  10. Trim away excess fat and bones.
  11. Use a filleting knife to get rid of the rib bones and pin bones.


Watch the video on how to cut salmon fillets here and get some more tips.


Prepare smoked salmon with ease now that you know how to cut salmon without panicking.



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How To Cut Salmon