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How To Fillet A Halibut?

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The good thing that you will notice while learning how to fillet Halibut is that this is cleaner than you think. Follow these simple instructions on how to get a fillet from the Halibut:


Steps to Fillet Halibut

  1. Cut across the bones in the head region, which approximately falls near the gills.
  2. The fish has a line in the centre when you lay the fish flat parallel to the surface. Make this cut following the spine, from the tail to the cut that you have made on the head. Following this cut, cut across that lateral fins and a horizontal cut at the tail end.
  3. This is now time for filleting. Remember that you would have made a cut across the center of the halibut, life the fish meat from the center, using a knife by making long and deep strokes parallel to the surface where you have laid the fish.
  4. Keep continuing with the strokes, along the rib bones, and being careful enough that you do not cut the rib bones.
  5. Now repeat the same process on the other side of the fish and you would have got two fillets by now.
  6. While you cut the second fillet you may get the gut and the eggs, remove them, while some prefer to eat the eggs raw as a savory, then you can keep the eggs aside for them.
  7. Turn the fish on its white back, and repeat the entire processed that you did for getting the two fillets and you will be getting two fillets from the back portion.
  8. Now you have four fillets from the halibut fish. The next step is very simple. Remove the skin from the halibut fillets, one by one, by using your knife and running it down under the meat.
  9. Clean the fillet in running water thoroughly and remove the blood and the remaining nerves or membrane debris.


Now that you know how to fillet halibut why not check out some recipes over to enjoy a great halibut meal!!


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How To Fillet A Halibut?