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How To Use Dried Cherries In Your Desserts

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You can use dried cherries as a low calories snack or as a dessert itself. Many dessert recipes use dried cherries in them. Some of commonly used desserts like cakes, cookies, tarts and muffins are made tastier using dried cherries. Dried cherries are tangy, tart and a healthy and nutritious fruit and hence can be used in a wide range of dishes from salad to main course and desserts. These are few simple recipe ideas using dried cherries that can home handy, if you have very less time to prepare desserts.


Dried Cherries Yogurt Dessert 


This is a very simple and healthy dessert idea that uses dried cherries. You can mix two teaspoons full of rehydrated dried cherries to yogurt. The yogurt will get a nice flavor and color by adding dried cherries. People who have a sweet tooth can add a teaspoon full of sugar. A healthier alternative will be to use honey as a sweetener.


Dried Cherry Fudge 


Dried fruits can be used while making vanilla fudge. Make the fudge using condensed milk, vanilla essence, milk powder and sugar. At the last stage, before you remove it from fire, add dried cherries and mix well. You may use dried cherries for decoration and garnishing purposes as well.


Chocolate Almond Cherry Dessert 


A yummy treat to your mouth, you can mix dried cherries and chopped almonds to the melted chocolate chips. You can spread on a wax paper and sprinkle some powdered sugar. Then allow it to harden by cooling it.


Dried Cherries In Fresh Fruit Bowl


Fresh fruits bowl is a healthy and nutritious dessert option. You can mix 2 teaspoon full of dried cherries in these to make it tastier and more nutritious.


Dried Cherry Cake


A great dessert time cake, dried cherry cake can be prepared be very easily. The dried cherry cake tastes more delicious when served moist. A very nutritious dessert option, it yields 268 calories per serving. Try using whole wheat flour instead of refined all purpose flour to make it even healthier.


Dried Cherry Muffins 


These muffins are made using sweet tart dried cherries. These luscious muffins are healthy and ideal desserts for brunch as well as dinner. A single serving muffin offers 184 calories and has just 1 g of saturated fat.


Dried Cherry Pancake


Warm the dried cherries using honey or maple syrup. You can add these warm dried cherries in the pancake mixture and prepare pancakes. Else you can pour the mixture prepared over the pancake.


Dried Cherry French Toast


Prepare a mixture using warm maple syrup and dried cherries. You can then pour over the French Toast prepared. Or you can garnish the French Toast with dried cherries directly.


Microwave-Baked Apples with Dried Cherries


You can decorate the baked apple pie with tart dried cherries. A deliciously nutritious dessert, it offers the perfect ending for a dinner.


These are few of the dessert recipes where you can use dried cherries. Along with being a tasty option, using dried cherries can bring an enticing flavor to the dessert.


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How To Use Dried Cherries In Your Desserts