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How To Grow Wheat Grass At Home

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To make use of the benefits of wheat grass in a more efficient way, you can choose to grow wheat grass at home. It is not a very tough task to grow wheat grass at home. There are just few things that you need to take care to get the best result. Below outlined is a step by step procedure for growing wheat grass at home.


What Do You Need To Grow Wheat Grass?


1. Wheat grass seeds for sprouting – It is advisable to choose organic seeds to get a better quality and tasting yield.

2. Potting soil, fertilizers preferably organic]

3. Gardening tray, a plastic one, with holes. You can reuse it. Choose a 21” X 11” X 2” tray for 14 to 18 ounces of wheat grass juice.

4. Spray bottle to avoid overwatering.


Steps To Grow Wheat Grass


Step I:  Germinating


You cannot just put the wheat grass seeds directly into the tray. You need to allow them to germinate first by immersing them in water. Take wheatgrass seeds enough to fill as a single layer on the tray. Rinse using clean water, drain completely and allow it to soak for 8 to 10 hours in a container filled with cool water. After the specified time, rinse the seeds and then, once again allow it to soak for 8 to 10 hours. The process of soaking should be repeated twice or thrice till the roots of the sprouts are at least 1/8 inches long.


Step II: Tray Preparation


Using unbleached paper towels, line the tray bottom. This should be done to avoid the roots coming out via the holes present in the tray. Now, you can fill the tray with moistened soil, potting mix or compost to about 1.5 inches. Choose to use organic so that your yield will be an uncontaminated one.


Step III: Planting Wheat Grass Sprouts


Now, that the germinated seeds and tray is ready, you can start laying the germinated seeds on the tray in an even manner. Remember to lay out in a dense way, just as a single layer. Now, delicately push the seeds into soil. Remember to keep the tray away from direct sunlight. You can keep the tray in a room where there is sufficient light and ventilation.


Step IV:  Watering The Plant


To retain the moisture, water the shoots twice daily using the spray bottle. Keep the tray covered, using a damp newspaper to prevent the soil from getting dried, till the shoots reach a height of 1 inch. Once the shoot grows above 1 inch, you can water once a day, preferably during early mornings.


Step V:  Harvesting The Yield


Once the wheat grass attains a height of 6 inches, you can harvest using a scissors. You have to cut the wheat grass just above the seed level.


You can now grind this wheat grass to prepare your favorite drink. You can continue watering the seeds if you want a second or third yield.


The spring is here. These tips will be useful if you plan to grow wheat grass at home.  


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How To Grow Wheat Grass At Home