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How To Cut Kiwi

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Do you know how to cut kiwi fruit? Well, it is easy if you take a little bit of care and follow the steps given below diligently. Kiwi or the Chinese gooseberry has a brown, fuzzy skin and soft flesh inside. While cutting kiwi, it is important to have a ripe yet firm fruit. Kiwis that are too soft might not be good ones. Wash the fruit to avoid dirt and contaminants from getting inside while cutting the fruit.



Best Way to Cut Kiwi Fruit


  1. Place kiwi fruit on cutting board.
  2. Slice off both ends.
  3. Hold the fruit firmly in your hand.
  4. Using a vegetable peeler, gently peel off the brown skin. A sharp knife can also be used for peeling skin. Fresh kiwis can be eaten with the skin.
  5. Place peeled fruit on cutting board.
  6. Slice it lengthwise to get two halves.
  7. Now, cut these halves into two pieces half-ways.
  8. You get 4 vertical slices of fruit.


The seeds of the fruit can be eaten, but there are many who prefer to take them off. To remove seeds, you need to cut around the core. The slices of kiwi can be further chopped into smaller, bite size, pieces to be added in salads and medleys.


There are other ways to eat this fruit without peeling or slicing. The fruit can be eaten using a spoon. For this, follow steps 1 and 2. Then, place fruit on cutting board and using a sharp knife, slice it into two halves. Use a spoon and scoop out the soft flesh to eat kiwi like a baked potato. Alternately, slice off one side of fruit. Insert a spoon into the fruit through this opening and get to the flesh through this.


Cutting Kiwi into Rings


  1. Peel the fruit.
  2. Place it horizontally on a cutting board.
  3. Using a sharp knife, slice through the fruit in circular rings. Make slices of desired thickness.



Once you know how to cut kiwi, the sweet, tangy flavor of the fruit can be enjoyed at leisure. Kiwis are generally eaten raw or added with other fruits in fruit salads, medleys, kebabs and many other recipes.



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How To Cut Kiwi