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How To Fillet Sole

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Sole is a popular flatfish, which Americans love to eat. It takes very simple instructions to learn how to fillet sole. Since sole is a flat fish, you can expect not one but four small fillet portions from the fish. Deciding what to make out of the sole fillets will, then, come easy to you.


Descaling the fish: Lay the fish flat on the working surface and use a sharp knife to remove the scales. Start descaling the fish from tail to head.  Once you have removed all the scales, rinse the fish under running cold water.


Washing the fish: Using the filleting knife, make a small incision near the gills in a perpendicular direction, and use your forefinger to open the hole wide. Then wash the fish under running water. This will not only clean the fish from inside but will also take care of the fish guts and other unpalatable things inside the fish.

How to fillet sole

Deskinning the fish: Make an incision on one side of the head of the fish and remove the skin from head to tail carefully, without losing any meat. Repeat this process on the other side too.


Filleting the sole: Insert the knife into the flesh of the fish, and cut the meat along the spine, thus, dividing it into two separate fillets. Repeat this process on the other side of the fish and you will have four fillets.



Wash the fillets thoroughly and Voila! Sole fillets are ready to be cooked to perfection!!


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How To Fillet Sole