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How To Fillet A Perch

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Before I start off to help you with how to fillet perch, let me tell you why the process needs to be learnt. Perch is a very simple and easy to catch fresh water fish. They come in plenty are quite inexpensive. Thus, this means that learning how to fillet a Perch is one of the best ways to show how you make the catch to fill your stomach. Filleting a perch may take quite some time, but the fish is tasty making the time and money spent worthy.


Descaling the fish


If you plan to eat with the skin, then you need to do this step. If you want to remove the scales, then do the following. Starting from the tail , scrape the scales nicely till the head, so that all the scales fall off. Rub this against the hard surface to remove the slimy texture.


Cutting and removing the skin of the fish


When you plan to cut the fish, make the first incision behind the gills deep down until you touch the backbone, exposing the gut cavity. From their remove the gills, and insert the knife into the vent in the gut cavity, and make an incision in the belly until the vent. Remove the gut and wash well in running water.


Now that you know where the backbone is, make a incision on the top near the backbone. Slide the knife along the backbone and get the most out of the meat. Making long strokes until the spine and remove the fillet. Lay it flat on the table, and slide the knife underneath the flesh to remove the skin if the scales are intact.


To get the next fillet, you can place the knife below the rib bones, and lift them out.  Cut them off until the head separates from the tail. Using pliers, remove any of the remaining bones from both the fillets.


Rinse the fillets with clean water, remove any debris and cook one or the other delicious perch recipes!


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How To Fillet A Perch