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How To Fillet Tuna?

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Tuna is one of the most favorite fishes of many as the fish tastes good and as is loved by many for eating a good fishmeal, why not learn how to fillet a tuna? However, cleaning the fish and preparing the fillet is much easier, if you fail not to follow these systematic instructions.




  1. Remove the scales of the fish and clean the fish in fresh running water.
  2. Make an angled cut and chop the head off using a fish hammer.
  3. This will expose the tummy region, and make an incision in this region and remove the innards and intestines.  Remove all the internal organs and wash in running water.
  4. Cut the meat off the center bone without cutting the bone. This is your first fillet. Then rotate the fish to the other side and makes the second fillet in a similar fashion. Cut at the tail end to get the fillets as separate pieces.
  5. Now you will have two fillets and the center bone with the remaining central bone.
  6. Clean the fillets of small bones and blood vessels, membranes and other unwanted debris.       

Slice the fillet and use for making yummy tuna recipes!

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How To Fillet Tuna?