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How To Fillet A Sea Bass?

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Sea bass is one of the common fish of the Pacific. If you are not familiar with filleting a sea bass, then read this blog on how to fillet a sea bass to learn the art of filleting.  






Filleting the sea bass


  1. Descaling the fish: Descale the fish by laying the fish parallel to the table and hold by the tail using your left hand and using the sharp filleting knife in the right hand, scrape the scales from the tail to the head. Once you feel that you could no more see any scales coming out, wash well under running water. The fish will lose both the roughness of the scales and the slimy layer on top of it.

  2. Removing the gut: This is the process of removing the gut out of the fish’s belly. For this purpose, one has to make a small incision in the belly, starting from the lower belly to the top belly.  If you are going to grill the fish then you can miss the step of removing the scales, unless you would insist in not having the scales.

Remove the intestines, the stomach and the esophagus (innards) and pull out as much as you can and cut the joint to the mouth in the head of the fish.

  1.  Removing the gills: Try to get hold of the gill and pull them strongly to tear them apart using your hand itself. Once done, was the fish thoroughly in running water. If you are using the fish for “Bellavista” recipe, use a fish that weighs more than 1.5 kg and degut the fish by pulling the innards using a ladle through the gill opening that you will get after removing the gills.

  2. Getting ready for the fillet: Cut the bone near the head of the fish, and peel the skin off by running the knife parallel to the work surface from head to tail. Detach the upper fillet slowly with the help of the knife in difficult positions.

In a similar fashion, deskin the fish on the other side and remove the fillet on the other side of the fish too, leaving the central bone intact with the head of the fish.

  1. Cleaning the fillets: even up the fillets by removing the membranes that are attached to the fillets, smaller bones and wash off the blood to make the fillets look clean.


​Filleting sea bass is one of the easiest things to do, and you will realize how easy is this by watching this video.


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How To Fillet A Sea Bass?