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How To Cut Cabbage

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Cabbage is a very popular vegetable and learning how to cut cabbage can assist in trying out various recipes including this ingredient like coleslaw, soups, stir fry, stews etc. Once you figure out how to cut cabbage, making these would be very easy. Each type of cabbage has to be cut in a different manner. Let us see how to cut the 4 common varieties of cabbage, Chinese or Napa, green, Savoy and red, found in the US.



Best Way to Cut Cabbage


  1. Get ready with a stainless steel knife and a cutting board.                                         
  2. Remove wilted leaves of cabbage by pulling them off.
  3. Place cabbage on cutting board with stem side up.
  4. Using the sharp knife, slice through the stem vertically downwards to divide cabbage into two equal halves.
  5. Now, place half of cabbage with cut face down and slice each half into two halves, ending up with 4 cabbage wedges in total.
  6. The core has to be removed.
  7. Cut off the core from each piece of cabbage by placing cabbage piece flat on cutting board.






The cut cabbage can now be shredded, chopped or sliced.


  1. Place cut cabbage piece on cutting board face down. Holding the piece with one hand, slice thinly with the knife.
  2. Alternately, the piece can be chopped.






Cutting Cabbage – Chinese/Napa


The green, red and Savoy cabbages can be cut easily in the manner described above. The Chinese or Napa cabbage requires a different treatment. The Napa cabbage does not contain a thick core like the other varieties of cabbages. Thus, all that is required to be done is to slice off the bottom of the cabbage and then proceed to peel the leaves one by one using your hand. Alternately, the cabbage can be chopped into pieces or shredded into slices.


Learn how to cut cabbage easily by following the tips given above and use cabbage in your recipes.


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How To Cut Cabbage