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How To Cut Ham

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Ham is a much sought after ingredient, but how many of us know how to cut ham properly to get maximum taste out of it. Ham is the meat along the hind leg of a hog. Ham can be fresh, cured or smoked. Fresh ham is light pink in color and turns beige after cooking while cured ham is dark pink in color. Follow the steps outlined below to cut ham perfectly.



Cutting Ham Perfectly


  1. Place the ham on a stand as given in the picture. The hoof should be pointing upwards.
  2. Attach the ham well on the stand so that it does not move while cutting.
  3. Begin by removing skin and fat of the area that you plan to cut and consume. It is better not to remove skin completely if ham is not going to be used on the same day since ham dries out quickly.
  4. Using special ham-cutting knife with long, narrow and flexible blade, make parallel thin slices of the meat.
  5. The slices should be so thin that they seem almost transparent with some fat on them.
  6. The cuts should leave a flat surface on the meat and should be as wide as the ham and about 6 to 7 cm long.
  7. These cuts form the main part of the ham.
  8. Proceed to cutting central area which needs to be done along with the upper foreleg.
  9. Using auxiliary knife, first of all cut the meat towards foreleg.
  10. Then, separate meat from coxal bone.
  11. The meat very close to the bone cannot be sliced and hence, has to be cut into smaller pieces which can be used in many dishes.
  12. Finally, cut the bone into pieces of 10 or 12 cm, using a saw and use it in consommé.



Things to Keep in Mind While Cutting Ham


  • Keep hands behind the knife while making cuts so as to protect them.
  • Slice ham very thinly.
  • Use special ham cutting knives with sharp, long and thin blades for best effects.
  • Only peel the part of ham that you plan to consume or cut slices from so as to avoid the rest of ham from drying out.
  • Protect the cut ham slices from drying by keeping them moist using kitchen towel dipped in olive oil.


Knowing how to cut ham properly is very vital since it is generally considered that the cuts make a major difference in its taste. 


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How To Cut Ham