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How To Cut Coconut

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Fresh coconut makes for a delicious snack if you know how to cut coconut easily. Coconuts have hard shells and cutting a coconut is no easy task. Nevertheless, with the right technique, it is possible to cut open a coconut and enjoy the white meat inside without much of a hassle. Most of the tips that are described seem to be cumbersome and lot of trouble. Read on to learn the easiest and one of the best ways to open a coconut.


Cutting Coconut Easily


Coconuts have hard, brown shells which have to be broken open to reach the delicious meat inside. Apart from the meat, coconuts also have coconut water which is a very popular drink. Prior to cutting a coconut, the water has to drained and used or stored and for this a hole has to be made in the coconut shell.  Let us see how this can be done.


  1. Using one blade of a pair of scissors, locate the soft eye of the coconut from among the three.
  2. Pierce, open the soft eye and make the hole wider.
  3. Drain coconut water into a container and drink it or store in refrigerator to be used later.


The coconut can now be cut open using a cleaver.


  1. Hold the cleaver in the dominant hand and hold the coconut in the other.
  2. Bring down the back of the cleaver with a lot of force onto coconut shell. Continue to hit the shell at the same point until it begins to crack open.
  3. Now, insert cleaver into crack and twist, the coconut would pry open into two halves.


The meat can be separated from shell using a sharp knife or can be grated off.


  1. Place a strong knife between meat and shell and twist the knife. The meat comes clean off the shell.
  2. Use a grater to grate the coconut meat from the shell to get snow white coconut gratings that can be used in various recipes.


Coconuts, with their fresh taste, umpteen health benefits and versatile use, are a much sought after delicacy. Widely used in various cuisines across the world, cutting a coconut has posed many an apprehension. Watch how to cut coconut here and go ahead!



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How To Cut Coconut