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How To Cut Apple

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We all know how to cut apple using an apple cutter. It is simple; all you need to do is to place the apple upright on a cutting board, keep the cutter on top of fruit and press down hard, to cut right through the apple. The slices can be used in various recipes or eaten raw and the core can be discarded. Do you know how to go about cutting an apple properly without an apple cutter to help?


Cutting Apples without an Apple Cutter


There can be circumstances when you are caught without an apple cutter to help you cut apples. Read on, to find out how to go about the task as diligently as with a cutter.


  1. Place the washed and patted dried apple on the cutting board with stem facing upwards.
  2. Using a sharp knife, cut apple vertically right through, at least an inch away from the stem. This would ensure that the core is left untouched.
  3. Use force and push the blade of the knife through the firm flesh of the apple in such a manner that the blade meets the cutting board surface after the cut.
  4. Cut all sides of the apple similarly, to end up with the core column separated from the flesh. The core can be disposed off.
  5. Place apple pieces, cut side down, on cutting board and using a sharp knife, make slices of desired size.


Cut Apples for Children

Children often find the peel of the apple very cumbersome to chew. Let us see how to cut an apple for children, so that they too are able to enjoy this delicious fruit.


  1. Wash apple thoroughly.
  2. Using an apple peeler or a potato peeler, peel the skin away.
  3. Use an apple corer to remove the core of the fruit. Place the corer on the stem and work it to the base to separate the core. The core can be disposed of.
  4. Place peeled and cored apple on cutting board.
  5. Make slices of appropriate size and if required chop it further.


Apple is a versatile fruit, used cooked as well as raw in a variety of recipes. Knowing how to cut apple properly, would greatly help in enhancing the skill set of any person who uses this ingredient often. 


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How To Cut Apple