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How To Cut Pineapple

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Learn how to cut pineapple in order to enjoy this tasty, delicious yellow fruit in various recipes of salads, desserts, juices, smoothies or just as it is, fresh. Let us begin at the very beginning of cutting pineapples, which is, shopping for a firm, golden or brown colored pineapple. The strong, fresh smell of the ripe fruit is unmistakable and the best indicator of its ripeness and readiness to be cut. Now with no further ado lets look at various ways of cutting pinapple....


Steps to Cut Pineapple


  1. Using a long, serrated bread knife, slice off the ends or the top and bottom of the pineapple.
  2. Place the pineapple upright on the working table or cutting board.
  3. Using the same long knife, cut away the skin of the pineapple in vertical columns. Make sure to start cutting from behind the eyes (present on the peel) of the fruit so as to get rid of them altogether from the cut fruit.
  4. The skin of the fruit is completely cut off. Take care not to take too much of the fruit along with the peel.
  5. Once done, check fruit for skin or eyes that remain. These can be removed using a paring knife.


The peeled and cleaned pineapple can be further cut in a variety of ways.


How to cut pineapple chunks                                                                                                                                                                                                


  1. Place peeled pineapple upright on the table.
  2. Using a long knife, cut through the center core to the bottom.
  3. Divide fruit into 4 wedges or chunks similarly.
  4. These can be divided further in a similar fashion.
  5. Stand the chunks core side up and slice the core away lengthwise.


How to cut pineapple rings      


  1. Place cut and peeled pineapple horizontally on the work table.
  2. Using a long knife, make slices through the core of the fruit to form rings of desired thickness.
  3. Using a paring knife remove core of each ring of pineapple.



The rings and chunks of pineapple can be further cut or diced to suit the recipe it is to be used in. If you are still not confident enough or have some doubts regarding cutting pineapple, just watch how to cut pineapple here and melt your doubts away.



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How To Cut Pineapple