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How To Fillet Pike Boneless

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fillet pikePike is better known as a no-hassle fish, which requires just basic skills to remove the Y-bone and fillet it.  Still unsure about filleting pike, then allow us guide you with how to fillet pike...

pike fillet

Filleting a Pike:

  1. Place the pike on its stomach side up, and remove the two frontal fins by making a cut under the fins until the neck region.
  2. Now turn with its back upright.  Make a vertical cut as shown in the picture  down through the backbone.
  3. Create an incision along the spine from the top (near the neck) until the end of the tail. Keep the cut as close to the backbone of the fish. Repeat this incision on the other side of the backbone too. When you are making a incision you will be hearing the clicking noise of Y-bones, and exposing them.
  4. With the exposed backbone, this becomes much easier to get a fillet by cutting on the sides as shown in the picture. Make a cut down slightly inward along the outer edges of the bones near the neck region where the bone is prominent and bigger. Using repeated long strokes cut the meat off over the ribs and cut the flank fillet. Repeat the same process on the other side and now you have three fillets.
  5. Cut the last fillet from each side of the dorsal fin back until the tail and you will find five fillets with no y-bones.
  6. Remove the skin off the fillets and you are ready now to cook you favorite pike dish.


To watch the whole process live in action hit here! Also now that you know how to fillet pike why not refer to some amazing pike recipes on!



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How To Fillet Pike Boneless