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How To Fillet Flounder

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flounder filletFlounder is a flat fishfrom which you will not get just one or two fillets, but a total of four fillets. If your read on further, you will find how to fillet flounder.

What you need to fillet flounder?

Very simple - a sharp knife or fillet knife, cutting board which is not of wood, and of course flounder. You will also need something harder like a stone or a hard surface.

Cleaning flounder before filleting:

Rub the flounder on a hard surface to remove the slime, or use a hard surfaced stone to rub the slime off the flounder. I think the former is a better option.

Filleting the flounder – removing from the backbone:

  1. You begin filleting flounder by making the first cut on the flounder at the gill as deep as you can feel the bone, but be careful not to cut the bone. Keeping the bone intact, cut the fillet at the gill region below the head.
  2. This is followed by a T-cut which will run down the middle of the fish from the gills to the tail. This cut is to mark the backbone of the fish.  Make this cut deeper by cutting once again until you feel the bone and cut until the end of the tail without cutting the backbone.
  3. Remove the first fillet, by lifting the flesh at the central cut that was made until the tail using the knife.  Using your thumb lift the fillet by using long strokes that will run from the gills to the tail. Be careful not to break the fillet by repeating this action slowly and steadily. This way you will repeat the process until you get near the dorsal fin of the fish.
  4. Repeat this action on the other side of the fish, then you will have two fillets separated but still attached at the tail end.

Filleting the flounder – deskinning the fillet:

  1. With the fillets still attached to the tail of the flounder, you can remove the skin by placing your hands on the little bit of the skin that comes off from the fillet. Do this for one of the two fillets, one by one. Using your fingers and keeping the finger on the skin portion near the tail, slide through the fish meat towards the head this time. Do this slowly and keeping the knife steadily so that you do not lose much of meat sticking to the skin or cutting your fillet into two. With practice you will be able to do this step quickly.
  2. Follow this repeating the same process of the next fillet.

Filleting the lighter side of the fish:

Now you have two fillets from one side or the darker side of the fish is removed. Repeat all the steps that you did on the darker side, and get two more fillets, but smaller and thinner.

A small tip – do the white side first and then the darker side. Another tip is to try both and see which one works excellently for you! Watch this video and see how easy is this process!


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How To Fillet Flounder