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How To Fillet Tilapia

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Slender fish like Tilapia are best served as fillets, and is good to learn how to fillet tilapia fish. Tilapia fish are served as a thin, boneless, and lengthwise cut pieces with the scales and bones removed, which are better known as fillets. To get good fillets of Tilapia the best things that you will require is a specialized fillet knife if possible, if not a sharp knife should be suffice.







Getting the fillets:

The best way to get the fillet is to follow this step-by-step instructions:

  1. Place the whole fish flat on the cutting board. Start to cut using the sharp knife, just beneath the gill cover and cut as deeper as possible until you touch the backbone. Try to keep the backbone intact to get a very good fillet.
  2. Hold the fish on its head using your thumb, and cut the fish lengthwise toward the tail, slowly but steadily. Saw across the end of the backbone, but care is to be taken as not to cut the backbone.
  3. When you don’t feel the backbone, push the knife into the tail till the end. Clean the inside of the fish thoroughly and wash in plenty of water.
  4. Lift the fish meat away from the backbone and the ribs slowly without cutting the backbones and the small bones. Saw through the meat till the end with most of the meat going with the fillet.
  5. Turn the tilapia to the next side and get the second fillet and you are done getting the fillet.


Cleaning the fillet:

Insert the knife under the skin at the tail end, and holding the fish on your free hand slide through the knife under the muscle and the skin are separated. Wash in running water and clean the fillet. Hit the link to catch the filleting process live!

Now you know how to cut tilapia and the fillet is ready to be cooked or stored in freezer for future use. This is easy to clean and fillet the fish when fresh.

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How To Fillet Tilapia