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How To Fillet Catfish?

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Learning how to fillet catfish is an easy job. However, at times you may find filleting catfish time consuming for one single reason, catfish comes in all varying sizes. I personally believe cleaning catfish is for those who have a heart of iron and steel.


How to peel the skin?

You need non-absorbent cutting board for cleaning catfish. However, the recommended and easy way to peel the skin of the fish is by hanging it upright on a tree by nailing its head. Find the location in which the muscles connect to the head to make the cuts below the head. Peel the skin from the head to tail using pliers and see that you get it correct. If you get this step correctly, this is easy to peel the skin.


Getting your first fillet!

fillet catfishOnce the skin in peeled off, pull the meat away and run the knife down into the spine to make an incision from the head to tail. Now is time to grab and pull down the first fillet, with the knife again running against the incision made earlier. Cut the fillet near the tail, and is time to cut near the belly area pulling the meat completely from the body of the fish with the help of the knife.

Be careful not to cut the bones or the ribcage or else you will get the organs!


Getting Your next fillet!

Simple! Repeat the same process! This way you will have two fillets.


Time to Wash!

Wash the fillets completely to remove residues and blood, and refrigerate for 2 days after pat drying or freeze or cook immediately! Do what you want the next immediately!


Now that you know how to fillet catfish how about refering to some of the amazing catfish recipes from Bon Apetit!


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How To Fillet Catfish?