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How To Fillet Salmon

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Salmon fillet

Are you planning to go fishing for salmon? Then you should read this article for learning how to fillet Salmon, on the spot in your camping site, where you can clean and cook your own fabulous Salmon fillet dishes. That would lot more fun and sharing with your neighbors in the camping site.  You should know how to cut the salmon for cleaning from the inside, so that you can create maximum space without losing much of the fish meat also. Follow these simple steps to get your salmon ready for filleting.


Cleaning Salmon for filleting:

This is the first and the foremost step for Salmon filleting. Rinse the fish you have caught (and have given a deadly blow) in running cold waters near your camping site. To start the actual cleaning, use a sharp 8 to 10 inch flexible knife and an ice pick, and the cut the head off with the front fins at an angle through the backbone.  Follow this methid for removing the anal or the tail fin.


Removing the fins:

Salmon Fillet ready to eatRemove rest of the fins like the one on the belly, the adipose fin, and the dorsal fin. Put your knife in the anal hole and cut the belly sliced open. Clean the inside of the salmon by removing all the organs including the stomach and and other innards. Wash the cleaned fish in cold water.


Removing the backbone and getting your Salmon fillet ready:

Once the blood is removed and the fish looks clean, it is time to remove the backbone. This is done by cutting open the fish apart, and teasing out the backbone neatly. Wash the fish once more in running water and now you get to cut the fishes into pieces, remove the smaller bones, and get your fillets of salmon done.


Now that you know how to cut the Salmon, your Salmon fillet is ready, all cleansed in no time. It is now time to cook the salmon fillet into your desired preparation, and grill or BBQ or bake them, and why not, you could even make Salmon Sushi! Hmmm! Yummy fish is ready for you to eat!



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How To Fillet Salmon