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How To Peel Prawns

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Prawn, the highly versatile seafood, which can be eaten raw as well as cooked into delicious dishes, must be peeled before use. However, not many people know how to peel prawns properly.

Though prawns can be cooked with their shell intact and it can be removed after cooking but still it is better to remove it before cooking and much easier as well.



So if you want to peel prawns before cooking and don’t know how to peel prawns, just follow the step-by-step guide given below and enjoy cooking. In fact the steps listed can also come in handy if you want to peel the prawns after cooking.

How to peel prawns:--

  • Hold the prawn in your hand using thumb and forefinger at the place just behind the head.
  • Now pull the head of the prawn away from the body, squeezing while you do it.
  • Discard the head. Or if you want you can keep it in freezer to be used later in stock.
  • Clean away the bits and pieces.
  • Next hold the legs from the body with the right hand thumb and pull the legs of the prawn as well to remove them from the body.
  • This action should be done by holding the legs firmly so that the legs should come off right away.
  • Discard the legs as well.
  • Now holding the prawn in between your thumb and forefinger of the left hand, break away the shell by using the thumb of the other hand from the small opening where the legs used to be.
  • Ease off the shell from the body of the prawn by twisting it.
  • While doing so, the shell may break but it is all right. You can also discard the shell or use it for later use by storing it in freezer.
  • Now hold the prawn in between the thumb and forefinger of the right hand by the tail.
  • Gently squeeze the joint between the tail and the prawn’s body. Doing this would force the flesh out of the remaining piece of the shell.
  • Make sure that all pieces of shell and other things are all removed completely from the area between head and body.
  • The black vein that runs along the back of the prawn may be removed before or after cooking.
  • The vein is edible but may not taste that good so it is better to remove it.
  • To remove the vein, take a knife and move it along the line of the vein using its edge.
  • Now rinse the prawn under running water. Doing this should remove the vein but if it is still left, then use the end of the knife to draw out the vein.
  • You can also remove the vein with the shell intact by drawing out the vein in one go from one end of the prawn.


Peeling prawns is fairly simple and now that you know how to peel prawns use them any way you want to.


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How To Peel Prawns