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How To Peel Carrot

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carrotsWhenever I used to watch professionals peel off vegetables and especially carrots with ease I used to wonder how to peel carrot like them. After lot of observing and asking around and even looking up on internet, I’ve somehow got hold of peeling carrot in a way similar to that of professionals.

Also I’ll share with you a little trick of how to peel carrot so as to create minimal mess in the kitchen. Usually when we peel carrot, its peel creates a lot of mess so this technique will help you in keeping the kitchen clean.

The first step to peeling carrot is to begin by purchasing good quality and fresh carrot. Look for firm carrots. There should be no spots or marks over it.

Now let’s begin with how to peel carrot.

How to peel carrot:--

  • You will need a peeler so if you have it, well and good, but if you don’t have one, purchase a good quality, preferably stainless steel peeler from the market.
  • Take carrots and wash them really well under water to remove any traces of chemicals or mud. Chemicals tend to stick to the skin of the vegetables, and washing the carrots well will ensure that the skin is clean. Peeling them will however rid the carrots of all the pesticides.
  • Place the carrots on a surface.
  • Now hold a carrot firmly with your hand with the thicker end facing upwards.
  • Now take the peeler and holding it firmly in the hand put it over the carrot on the thicker end. Now pushing the blade inside the carrot, move the peeler downwards. This will result in peeling of the carrot’s skin.
  • Rotate the carrot slightly with each move of the peeler so as to cover the entire surface of the carrot.
  • Keep on doing this till you’ve covered the entire carrot and it has been peeled completely.
  • Check for any spots which might have been left undone and peel the skin from there.
  • Now taking a knife, cut the ends of the carrot.
  • Wash the carrot for the second time to remove any traces of the peel and it is now ready for consumption or use.

How to peel carrot by using knife:--

  • If you don’t have a peeler, you can also make use of a knife to peel carrot.
  • Just wash and hold the carrot firmly with your hand.
  • Holding the knife in the other hand, move the knife downward scraping the skin of the carrot with it. Remember to hold the thick end facing upwards.
  • Keep on turning the carrot and keep on scraping at the skin to peel the carrot completely.
  • Once done with peeling the carrot completely, cut off both the ends.
  • Wash well and use the carrot for eating or cooking.


  • Take care while using the peeler or knife both. Keep them at a distance to prevent getting hurt.
  • If you want to peel carrots in a clean way, place a plastic grocery bag in the sink and spread it as far as possible. Now when you peel the carrot, do it keeping over the plastic bag. All the peeled skin will collect over the bag, which you can then discard after all carrots have been peeled.

How to peel carrot is an easy task which just requires some skill and care in using knife or peeler.

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How To Peel Carrot