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How To Peel Apple

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applesApples are best eaten whole as in, with their skin on but, apples when added to things like pies, cakes, and bars need to be peeled before being used in the recipe. How to peel apple should not be a tough task for anyone but for those who want to know about the correct technique, just follow the instructions listed below.

But before you begin with peeling apples it is important to select good quality apples first, because without that your recipe will not come out well. Look for ripe, spot free and ‘clean’ apples. They should be firm as well.

How to peel apple:--

  • Take an apple and wash it well under running water to remove any traces of chemicals or dirt stuck on it.
  • Now select the tool which you will utilize for peeling apple. You can make a choice between a vegetable peeler or a pared knife. Though many people prefer to use a pared knife for peeling apple, but it is very likely that you may cut yourself. So it’s better to opt for vegetable peeler if you are not so handy with pared knife.
  • Hold the apple with one hand and the paring knife in the other hand.
  • Beginning at the top of the apple cut into the apple so that you are just below the skin of the apple.
  • Slowly move around the apple while keeping the paring knife just under the skin so as to peel the apple in one go. For the beginners, they can do it in small sections if they are unable to peel the apple in one go.
  • Keep on turning the apple till you peel the entire apple.
  • If you are using a vegetable peeler to peel apples and you have any concerns related to the safety while using the peeler, what you can do is, that before you begin using the peeler, you should core the apple using an apple corer. This ways you will have a hollow center and you can insert your finger in that hole and strengthen your hold on the apple.
  • Now hold the apple in one hand and your finger inserted inside the hollowed center. In the other hand hold the vegetable peeler. Beginning from the middle of the apple, start peeling away the skin. This way move from middle part to the bottom and keep on turning the apple till you’ve peeled the entire bottom half of the apple.
  • Similarly now flip over the apple and insert the finger in the cored center of the fruit. Now you have the unpeeled half at the bottom. Again insert the peeler into the apple and keep on turning the apple till you’ve peeled from the middle to the bottom part. This way once you’ve covered the entire way round the apple, the fruit will be peeled completely.


  • Apple has a tendency to turn brown upon peeling or cutting so immediately after peeling the apple, put it in cold water.

So after this step-by-step guide on how to peel apple, it will be easy for you to use the peeled fruit in your baked items or any other recipe.

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How To Peel Apple