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How To Peel Fruits

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Fruits are generally advised to be eaten with their skins as it provides fiber and also nutrients but there are some fruits which are peeled before eating. How to peel fruits depends upon which fruit you are planning to eat.


Some fruits like bananas require tugging to remove the skin. Fruits like oranges and grapefruits fall into the category which can be easily peeled by hand or by using a knife. Then there are fruits like pomegranates or pineapples which require specific techniques for peeling.


Whichever fruit it is, peeling them is a task which may range from easy or difficult depending upon the type of fruit which is there.


Well here I’m going to provide some general instructions as to how to peel fruits and which will come in handy for peeling most of the fruits.


Tips to peel fruits


This will however vary depending upon the fruits with hard skin and soft skin.


How to peel fruits with hard skin


  • First and foremost wash the fruits well under running water to remove the dirt and chemicals which might be stuck on them.
  • Place the washed fruit on the chopping board.
  • Take a knife and cut off the top and bottom part of the fruit.
  • Now carefully cut into the outer skin of the fruit with the knife. Make at least four sections into the skin and take care not to cut into the pith of the fruit.
  • Now pull at the split corners of the fruit with your hands and peel off the skin of the fruit.
  • Next remove the pith of the fruit. Cut into the fleshy covering of the fruit and remove the pith easily.
  • Turning the fruit upside down, remove any pith which is left on the fruit. Once the flesh of the fruit is exposed, you can be leave it then.
  • Fruits like oranges fall into the category of fruits with hard skin and thus can be peeled in this manner.


How to peel fruits with soft skin


  • Wash the fruit well to remove any traces of dirt or chemicals from its surface.
  • Now take a fruit peeler in one hand and hold the fruit in your other hand.
  • Insert the fruit peeler into the skin of the fruit and rotate it and peel away at the skin of the fruit to expose the flesh underneath.
  • Once you are done with peeling fruits, cut out the stem part of the fruit with the help of knife.
  • The fruit is now ready to be eaten. Fruits like apple can be peeled using this method.
  • Fruits with soft skin can also be peeled by dipping them first in boiling water and then in cold water.
  • The skin of the fruit starts shrivelling and can then be peeled easily by using a knife. Peaches are peeled this way.




  • Try and eat fruits with their skin on as it contains vitamins and other nutrients.


Now you know how to peel fruits and I hope this will be useful whenever you want peeled fruits next time.


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How To Peel Fruits