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How To Peel Peach

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peachPeaches are fun to eat and are also used in cooking. Though they are eaten as whole, there are however many recipes which require peaches to be peeled and thus arises the basic question how to peel peach.

Peeling peach can be quite messy if done using a knife so then how to peel peach in a clean and no-mess manner?

 The technique which is best advised to peel peach is a method called blanching. This method is widely used by chefs as well and though it may sound very technical, it is not very difficult or complicated method to follow.

The first step however is selecting good quality peaches before you begin to peel them and prepare them to be used in cooking. The peaches should be fresh and ripe and should not ‘give in’ upon pressing it. Also look out for any spots or patches which might be result of being squished while being transported.

How to peel peach:--

  • Take the peaches and wash them well under running water to remove any dirt or chemicals which might be there.
  • Now take some water in a saucepan and boil it. While the water boil, prepare a bowl of ice cold water by putting some ice cubes in a bowl of cold water.
  • When the water I boiled, switch off the gas stove and one by one, and very gently, put the peaches into the water.
  • Let the peaches remain in the hot water for around 45 seconds and then, with the help of spoon take them out.
  • Immediately after taking out the peaches from the bowl of hot water, put them into the bowl of ice cold water. This will prevent the peaches from cooking as result of being left in the hot water.
  • As you put them into the cold water, you will notice that the skin of the peaches will start to shrivel up.
  • Take out the peaches one by one from the cold water and with the help of a knife, very gently start pulling away at the skin.
  • Repeat the procedure and peel all the peaches in similar manner.
  • If you face any difficulty in peeling the skin, i.e. it is not coming off easily, then you can again put it in hot water and leave on for 10-15 seconds. Then repeat the steps after that to peel the peach.
  • Once done, the peaches are ready to be used.


  • Be careful while handling hot water. While putting in or taking out peaches from the hot water take care to do it cautiously and slowly so that the water does not splash and you may not get burnt.
  •  Also, before putting the peaches into boiling water, if you cut a small ‘x’ at the base of the peaches, the skin will shrivel from there first and you can easily pull it out without any hassle.

Now that you’ve learnt how to peel peach, go ahead and utilise it in cooking up different recipes with it. 

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How To Peel Peach