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How To Peel Onion

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Onion is one vegetable which literally makes you cry. Although you may not cry any more, peeling an onion is an arduous task indeed. Onions are used in most of the dishes from curries to pastas, and pizzas, but people have their own ways of peeling them. There is no right or the wrong way though! But you can check out the methods of how to peel an onion conveniently and in a hassle-free way.


Besides, you can also find tips on reducing tears while peeling and chopping onions. So read on and make the most of this knowledge.


Just keep this in mind that selecting good quality onions is as essential as peeling and cutting them for use. Make sure onions are clean; they don’t give in or do not feel squishy upon touching and also that they are not damp with moisture.


Peeling Onions Made Easy

  • Place the onion on a clean chopping board and hold the onion firmly with your hand.
  • Taking a knife, slice off the edges of the onion.
  • Now, place the onion facing up and use your thumbnail to peel off the topmost layer of the onion. You can also use knife for this purpose but using thumb is more convenient.
  • Keep on peeling the layer till you reach a thin membrane.
  • Wash off the membrane under running water.
  • Now cut and use the onion any way you want to.


Alternate Method

  • Take onion and place it on a chopping board.
  • Now take a knife and cut the onion vertically into two halves.
  • Keeping the cut side facing downwards, cut off the edges of the onion as well.
  • Now peel back the layer off the onion.
  • You have the onion ready or use.

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 Peel Onions Without Crying

  • Before you intend to cut the onion, keep it in the refrigerator for some time. By doing this, the release of the enzymes is slowed down and it does not cause any tears.
  • You can also try and peel and cut onions near running water or a steaming kettle. Both these techniques help in drawing away the enzymes from the onion and the eyes, hence causing no tears.
  • If you soak the onion in water for sometime before peeling, then also it will peel off easily. You’ll just need to cut off the ends and the rest will come off easily. This way is applied mostly to peel small sized onions which have soft peels.

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  • Take care while using knife to peel or cut onion or you may hurt yourself.
  • Onions can easily bounce or slip so hold them firmly while peeling or cutting.
  • Try chewing gum while handling onions; it will help you against tears.
  • This method is guaranteed to save you from tears. Just chop off the top of the onion first and then peel back the skin. Now chop the onion with it roots intact and then afterwards, discard them.


Follow these tips and methods and continue with your peeling without turning a hair.


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How To Peel Onion