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How To Peel Turnips

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How to peel turnips

In this blog there are a few steps to guide you how to peel turnips.  It has a thick skin and given its shape, peeling turnips is a tedious task. You need to clean and scrub it thoroughly since it is a root vegetable.


For peeling turnips you need :-

  • a scrub
  • vegetable peeler
  • chopping board
  • sharp knife.

Condition of Turnip

The turnip should not be bruised or dented.  If you dig into the skin of the turnip it should be firm and the mark should remain in the turnip.


Step 1

Wash the turnip thoroughly in running water.  Scrub the surface of the turnip to remove the soil that may have remained on the skin.  Pat it dry with a paper towel.


Step 2

Hold the trunip horizontally on a cutting board and chop off both the ends of the turnip.  Now the turnip will have a wide and a narrow end.  Place the wide end on the chopping board.


Step 3

For peeling the turnip you can either hold the turnip in your hand and peel or peel it vertically on the chopping board.  The latter process takes a lot of time.  Take the turnip in your hand and hold firmly with your thunmb at the wide end of the turnip.  Slowly peel the skin with a vegetable peeler. Keep rotating the turnip in your hand until it is completely peeled.  Be careful while peeling or else there might be cuts on your fingers. 


Step 4

Wash the peeled turnip in cold water.  If the skin is too hard then you can par boil the turnip for 10 minutes and then the skin will easily come off.


Now you have learnt how to peel turnip, use it to your heart's content.


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How To Peel Turnips