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How To Cut Meat

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How to Cut Meat

How to cut meat is an oft asked question as meat has to be cut properly before cooking. As for the stews, you can take a chef's knife and slice strips from a large piece of meat.  Then cut those strips into equal bite sized pieces.  You can follow the below steps to discover the best way to cut meat.

Step 1

If you are cutting raw meat then keep a clean bowl, sharp knife (it should not be serrated), chopping board and lots of paper towels.  Trim the skin and the fat off the meat if you wish to use it for stews.  And if you want to use it for grilling then keep the fat as it keeps the meat moist.  You should cut the meat in a single back and forth swipe with a sharp knife.  Place the knife at a slanted angle on the meat and slice. Place in the bowl and rinse with cold water.  Then pat dry the meat on paper towels.


Step 2

Once the meat is grilled you will notice there are criss-cross patterns on the meat.  This is usually on a brisket or sirloin.  Those criss-cross patterns mark the fibers that are in the steak.  If you slice the steak in the same direction as the pattern is then it makes the meat more tender.


Step 3

You should slice a steak as thinly as possible and with a slanted action.  Hold the meat in place with a fork and slice with the knife by the other hand.  


Step 4

If the meat has bones then a cleaver knife is the best tool to cut that meat.  Simply identify where the bone is running through the meat and apply pressure on that point with the cleaver and the palm of your hand.  Be careful while cutting with a cleaver because it is very sharp and can easily cut through your fingers.


You can use the required amount to make delicious dishes once you learn how to cut meat.



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How To Cut Meat