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How To Peel Garlic


peeling garlic Cooking with garlic it becomes a real hassle when one has to struggle with peeling as many of us don’t know the correct tactic of how to peel garlic

And those very tips on how to peel garlic I’m going to share with you.

How to Peel Garlic

There are various ways of doing it.

Applying Force

  • First and foremost select good quality garlic.
  • Then separate the garlic cloves so that instead of one bulb, you have separate cloves, which will make it easy for you to peel.
  • Now place the cloves on the chopping board.
  • Using a knife, chop off the root end of the garlic cloves one by one. If you want you can also take one garlic clove at a time.
  • After removing the root ends place the knife over the garlic clove and apply a little pressure on the knife so as to crush the clove underneath. If the garlic doesn’t crush easily, make use of your fist to apply more pressure.
  • Once crushed, you will notice that the skin of the garlic has started to come off.
  • Remove the skin with hands and you have the garlic ready for use!

Using Water

This is  an alternate method to peel garlic and you can adopt this if you have trouble doing it by the first method.

  • For this, fill a bowl of a cup with cold water.
  • Take the garlic cloves which have been separated by you from the bulb.
  • Now put the garlic cloves into the bowl of cold water and let them remain in it for at least 30 minutes.
  • Take out the garlic cloves from the water and you will notice the skin coming off from the cloves very easily. You can also store the garlic in the refrigerator dipped in water till future use.

Old Fashioned Way

  • Take garlic cloves and chop off the root ends.
  • Roll the cloves in between your fingers to loosen up the skin a bit. If the skin is too flaky, it should come off just by rolling it in between the fingers.
  • If the skin doesn’t come off, then using a paring knife try and peel out the skin carefully from the garlic cloves.


Wetting the fingers with water time to time while peeling garlic will prevent the garlic skin from sticking on to the fingers.

I’m sure all these tips on how to peel garlic will make your life simple.

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How To Peel Garlic