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How To Cut Pork

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How To Cut Pork


Pork is the meat that comes from pig and it is important to know how to cut pork if you want to enjoy this meat at home.  It is consumed in various forms. It can be cured (i.e.: salting the meat) or smoked in the from of ham and bacon.  When pork is grinded it is made into sausages.  Like beef, there are different cuts of pork.  For learning how to cut pork you first need to familiarize with the different cuts of pork:


  • Head
  • Spare Rib Roast/Joint
  • Blade Shoulder/Shoulder Butt
  • Hand/Arm Shoulder
  • Loin
  • Tenderloin
  • Fatback
  • Pork Belly
  • Legs
  • Trotters
  • Spare Ribs


Spare ribs are the most commonly consumed cuts of pork.  In this blog we will concentrate of how to cut pork spare ribs.


Step 1:

Place the pork rib on the chopping board and trim the flap or skirt meat that is in the middle of the back of the rib.  The rib tips at the bottom edge of the rib also need to be cut off.  This part is very tough and makes it difficult to carve the rib once it is cooked.


Step 2:

Now we have to remove the membrane off the rib.  Insert the tip of the knife between the membrane and rib and slice off a little membrane.  Grab that slice of membrane and gently pull in the opposite direction of the rib.  Be carfeul while doing so because the membrane can be easily split or torn.  Once the membrane has been completely peeled off the rib you will be left with a clean piece of rib.


Step 3:

Hold the ribs and try to bend them.  You will notice that a certain part from the top of the rib does not bend.  That is because that is a piece of bone.  You need to trim that by running a sharp knife along the length of that bone.



If you wish to eat a moist and tender pork rib then ask your butcher to provide you with a spare rib that has marbled pork.  The marbled effect is formed by the fat (which is creamy in color) and the pork (which is rich red in color.)


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How To Cut Pork