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How To Use Microwave Oven

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Using microwave oven

Learning how to use microwave oven is a great help for efficient kitchen management because a microwave oven is efficient enough to make our kitchen managing responsibility comfortable and easy. Learning the user-tips and safety requirements will surely help you to derive optimum benefit out of this utility kitchen gadget.

How to use microwave oven: general guidelines

  • Microwave oven-proof utensils are only recommended for using in microwave oven cooking, defrosting, or for reheating
  • It is never recommended that you use aluminum foils as container for reheating of foods
  • You should never use metal utensils in microwave oven; it will initiate plenty of arching and will abruptly damage the magnetron.
  • The utensils get adequately hot when you will use them for reheating; you should always wear hand gloves before touching any of these utensils.
  • You should know the exact time required for cooking of a dish in microwave oven because overcooked dish from microwave oven may hamper general taste of the food preparation.
  • While cooking you should learn adding salt at the end, not at initial stage as we do for conventional cooking.
  • Utensils must of proportionate size of the oven inside compartment.
  • Standing time for microwave oven is important because during this time foods get further cooked by internal heat and clod spots get eliminated.
  • Some foods are not suitable for preparing in microwave cooking range; these foods are double crust pie, soufflés, and Yorkshire puddings, never attempt to prepare them in microwave oven.
  • If by chance you have to cook egg on Microwave oven always pierce egg yolks in advance.

Using microwaveoven: how to place certain foods while cooking

In microwave oven positioning of foods may lead to faster cooking; there are some general rules for placing foods in the turntable.

  • You have to place round balls at the same spacing on the outer border of the turn table
  • You should arrange chicken legs on the outer portion of the cooking utensil
  • You should halfway shuffle the foods in between cooking process
  • If you are cooking vegetable like cauliflowers, you preferably place flowers inside the cooking bowl at the bottom.

How to use microwave oven for defrosting

You should check a few things before you start defrosting

  • The weight and shape of the food should be taken in consideration
  • You separate small items and chopped items
  • Ensure separate time for larger meat joints and just check if these joints are not icy at the middle
  • In case you are defrosting minced foods, break them halfway
  • You need to remove plastic wrapper from meat items while putting these for defrosting

Using Microwave oven for reheating

You should remember a few things while reheating food by microwave oven. These are

  • Except microwave proof glass containers, plastic containers which are microwave oven friendly are recommended for reheating only.
  • It is better not to cover the pots with tight lids
  • Bigger quantity of food spread in bigger bowl get heated faster


Detail knowledge about how to use microwave oven will surely help you to tackle your microwave oven with better efficiency in cooking.



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How To Use Microwave Oven