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How To Peel Orange

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"Peeling oranges"

Peeling an orange can be quite messy but if you know the exact method of how to peel orange the right way, you’ll be able to carry out the task easily. The trick here is to ascertain how to peel orange without getting your hands dirty with the juice or without getting the peel under your fingernails, which can be very irritating.


How to peel orange

The only thing that you would require to peel an orange is a sharp kitchen knife. Just arm yourself with your tool and you are ready to take on an orange!

Selecting an orange 

This is the most basic step towards peeling orange. It is important that you have a good quality juicy orange otherwise what’s the fun of eating an orange? Always remember that a juicy orange would feel heavy in weight. Also it is important that you look out for any marks or spots on the orange skin.

Now after having bought the oranges, it is up to you whether you want to peel it by hand or by using a knife.  Here we will give you tips on both, whether you peel by hand or by knife.


How to peel orange by hand:-

1. To peel orange by hand, make a small incision in the skin of the fruit, near to its stem.

2. Now wedge your finger into that cut and gently start pulling away at the rind to separate it from the fruit underneath. It may be easy for you, if you make a couple of slits along the skin of the orange and then pull at them one by one.

3. Once you are done pulling out all the skin, all is left is the juicy fleshy orange underneath.


How to peel orange using a knife:-

You can do this in two ways.

1.For the first method, for peeling orange insert the knife at one end of the fruit and angle it so that it slides between the skin of the orange and the flesh of the fruit.

2. Now rotate the orange gently and keep pulling the knife against it to pull the skin off the fruit in a spiral form.

3. It would be better if you equip yourself with a curved knife like oyster knife.

The second way you can do this is:-

1. With the help of a paring knife, cut a circle of the orange rind from the top and bottom of the fruit.

2. Next, carefully make sections along the rind avoiding cutting into the orange.

3. Once the sections are made, start pulling away at the rind and soon you’ll have rid the orange of the rind.

After peeling the orange, you can section it and use it in salads or just eat them after sprinkling a bit of salt, or even just like that.

If you feel like experimenting and being creative, then you can try your hands at cutting the peel in different shapes. You can insert cloves in the orange peel, dry it and keep it aside to be used as potpourri!



Take care to use the knife a bit away from yourself while cutting at the fruit.

Also keep the orange away from yourself as the juice from the orange might squirt and hurt your eyes.

Rolling the orange over the kitchen counter or a table will help in loosening the rind and it will make the peeling process easy.


Now I hope you are better equipped and know how to peel orange. 


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How To Peel Orange