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How To Cut Mango

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Fresh mangos have a juicy, sweet, and smooth taste.  The mango is a very versatile fruit because it is used in juices, milkshakes, smoothies, tarts, puddings, salads, salsas, cakes, etc.  The flesh is encased in a peel and it has a huge seed in the middle. This can be a bit tricky to navigate, so here is the best way to cut a mango:


Step 1:

First you need to select a ripe mango.  A ripe mango has a slight yellow peel.  It is firm to the touch.  If the flavor is too strong and the mango appears soggy or mushy within the peel  then it is overripe.


Step 2:

First slice off a small portion from the top of the mango where it was attached to the stem.  Place that portion facing downwards on the chopping board.  This is the best way to cut a mango.  This will provide you with a stable base.  Now, cut the mango into 3 vertical slices: two of mango flesh and one with the mango seed.


Step 3:

Take a slice of the mango flesh and make crosswise cuts (i.e. first cut horizontally with equal spacing and then cut vertically).  However do not cut through the fruit skin.


Step 4:

Push in the center of the mango skin with your fingers so that  the cut flesh pops out as a set of cubes on a semi-spherical surface.  You can chop off these cubes with the edge of the knife.  The same process can be repeated for the other slice of mango.  


Step 5:

The third slice of mango has ample amount of mango flesh.  Place it horizontally on the chopping board and run the knife along the outline of the seed.  You will be left with a clean mango seed and a U-shaped piece of mango flesh and peel.  Remove the peel and dice the mango flesh.


You can peel mango in another way. Peel the mango completely without making any insertions or slices in the flesh.  The crosswise cuts can be made on both the sides of the mango and it can be sliced off along the length of the seed to provide mango cubes.


The method provided in this blog is the simplest method to cut mango.


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How To Cut Mango