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10 Reasons Why You Should Try Cast Iron Cooking

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Use Cast Iron

Pancakes and eggs come out well with non stick cookware, but many fear about the toxins imparted on the food. That’s why many prefer to use cast iron cooking. Cast iron skillets are far better than stainless steel, aluminum and non stick cookware. Let’s look into the 10 reasons why should try cast iron cooking.


1. Healthier

Do you like to have omelets or French toast with toxins? You can find chemical coating in non stick pans that come off when you heat the pan. However cast iron skillets are made of iron and are free from harmful chemical coating. This is the foremost reason why you should try cast iron cooking.

2. Versatile

Cast iron skillets can be used on stovetop or oven. Many recipes call for multi step like frying and baking, instead transferring the contents from non stick pan to baking pan, you can use multi purpose cast iron skillets to do all the task.

3. Withstand heat

You can find many cookware including stainless coming with a warning that it should not be used over 500 degrees. But this is not the case in cast iron skillets; it can be used at any temperature

4. Non stick

It exhibit the qualities of non stick cookware as long as it is seasoned appropriately

5. Cast iron cooking is used over 1000 years

Cast iron cooking health benefits are well known by earlier generations, that’s the reason it has been used over 1000 years

6. Affordable

Cast iron skillets are cheaper than stainless steel, non stick and other new brand cookware available in the stores.

7. Sturdy and long lasting

You can use any utensil on the surface of the cast iron skillet, as it does not scratch. It won’t break or bend since is very durable and heavy. So there is no fear of any damage to the cookware.

8. Vitamins

It enhances your iron intake that is essential to your boost immune system and sustains energy levels.

9. Even distribution of heat

Many cookware cook half of the food properly leaving the rest raw.  In cast iron cooking, you do not have that problem as the heat is distributed evenly.

10. Browning

Cast iron cooking gives you crispy fish sticks and French toasts like the one served at your favorite restaurant.

Now you know why you should try cast iron cooking. It is never too late, buy a cast iron skillet from your nearest store.  Read the instructions carefully before using the cast iron cookware.

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10 Reasons Why You Should Try Cast Iron Cooking