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How To Remove Wine Stains From A Decanter

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How to remove wine stains from a decanter may seem a great problem for most of us. However, removing wine stains from a decanter is absolutely manageable provided you know the trick. Structure wise the shape of a decanter is slightly intricate and it is not possible to clean the inside of a decanter by using conventional cleaning method because of its slender neck and bulky base. However, it is possible if you follow the methods described here. You will require a few kitchen ingredients to remove wine stains from decanter for your cleaning help.



The essentials to remove wine stains from decanter


The ingredients required for cleaning decanter mission are


  • Dishwashing gel
  • Lukewarm water
  • ½ cup of rice [uncooked]
  • Strainer
  • White distilled vinegar-1 cup


Removing wine stains from a decanter


Follow these simple steps to keep your decanter clean.


  • You should add the dishwasher liquid into decanter with lukewarm water and shake the entire mixture so that the decanter gets filled with soapy water.
  • Allow the soapy water stand for one or two hours in the decanter
  • After 1-2 hour you need to dump the entire amount of water in the sink; however, you should not wash the decanter right at this stage.
  • You have to add uncooked rice into the pot.
  • Make a mixture of lukewarm water and white vinegar into 1: 1 proportion and add the mixture into the decanter.
  • Let the mixture get into the internal surfaces of the decanter. Allow it to sit for 10-15 minutes.
  • Start shaking the decanter with the mixture, especially on the stained area on and on with the liquid.
  • Pour out all the liquid from the decanter and collect the rice with a strainer.
  • Now you need to rinse it well under normal running tap water and once thoroughly washed put it is upside down manner on the dish rack for get dry.


How to remove wine stains from a crystal decanter


  1. Crystaldecanters catch wine stains on its crystal part; it needs tricky cleaning otherwise the crystal part of the decanter may catch scratches.
  2. You can add 1-2 spoonful rock salt in the decanter and then add one cup of white vinegar in it. The vinegar may spread like foamy substance on the crystal part. It is done for thorough cleaning inside and will make the crystal part sparkling clean.
  3. Allow the mixture to sit inside the decanter for 1-2 hours. The rock salt will work like a scrubber and will remove the strain completely from the crystal part of the decanter.
  4. Wash it with lukewarm water and pat dry with lint-free towel.


Now when you have learned thoroughly how to remove wine stains from decanter, you can use your decanter with better confidence nest time. You need to worry about wine stains any more because removing wine stains from a decanter is no more a mess for you.


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How To Remove Wine Stains From A Decanter