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How To Use Butane Fuel To Fill A Lighter

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It is comparatively easier to use butane fuel in high-end lighters and that makes it a popular choice in its own category. Using butane fuel is backed by its easy-to-fill feature and unlike other common lighter fuels hardly it makes a messy condition at the time of refueling the lighters. However, butane smells sweet but it burns like hell and that is why is never recommended to use butane fuel in front of any heat source or within an enclosed space.

Due to its highly inflammable nature it is never wise trying to fill the lighter with butane fuel by self service. It is always recommended to avail  professional refilling service otherwise it may create great hazard and potential life risk.



How to refuel the lighter with butane fuel

  • In order to fill a lighter with butane fuel, one has to hold the lighter in upside down direction and till the job is not over, that means until the refilling of the lighter is complete, the lighter should be kept in upside down manner.
  • The flame height needs minute adjustment; however, the method for flame adjustment differs from one lighter to another. While in some lighter the flame adjustment is done by turning a knob, in some others the adjustment is maintained turning a dial with a tiny screwdriver.
  • Lighters are generally built with push refill valve; with a help of a small screwdriver; a hissing sound will make you concerned that certain amount of air is passing from the fuel tank of the lighter. When the hissing noise will be ceased you need to stop pushing down the valve. That means you have touched the point.
  • Before extracting butane fuel from the can, you should  shake it well.  Now insert the tip of the stem  within the refill valve. You have to push the can gently so that the stem remains at depressed condition and it compels butane to get released into lighter. After 5 seconds,  remove the stem of butane gas can  from the lighter. 
  • You have to allow the lighter to be at rest at least for 3-5 minutes; while it is in rest you can flip the right side of the lighter up.
  • You have to adjust the height of the flame back at former position; the mechanism for the adjustments has to be used in proper direction.
  • Have a look on the flame now; if the flame strength seems weak, you have to refuel the lighter tank after sometimes.

Now you can manage it by your own process. However it is recommended not to try this process at home. You have to practice the tricks to use butane fuel before you land into the real refill process.



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How To Use Butane Fuel To Fill A Lighter