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How To Use Baking Stone for Pizza

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Pizzas in baking stoneMany traditional recipes for dishes that are American and native use a baking stone which was a thick stone on which corn was spread. Setting this over low fire brought the hot tortillas ready and out! There is a simple way to use baking stone for pizza. Let us see how... 





Baking Stone - A Brief

Before learning how to use a baking stone for pizza, let us see what typical baking stones are made of. Baking stones can be glazed, clay or even marble. The shape of the baking stone maybe round or rectangular. A few companies make baking stone cookie sheets, muffin tins, and others to widen the applications possible for stone bake ware.

Steps to Use Baking Stone for making Pizzas

After you have chosen a baking stone to use for your pizza, just follow these simple steps to make a pizza using baking stone:

  1. Heat the baking stone. It has to be preheated to a certain temperature to work and that often means leaving the oven on for quite a while before you begin to cook. 
  2. Before using baking stone, place it in the oven when the oven is cold. Remember the ground rule is to put it in the cold oven and then turning the oven on. The reason behind this is that this way the baking stone gets heated up slowly and evenly.
  3.  When your oven is hot and ready to use a baking stone, it may get too hot to handle with a conventional oven glove. Remember that you are working with a fire brick. If you place your cold baking stone into a hot oven it will not withstand the thermal shock and it will shatter. There goes the pizza!
  4. Now that you have begun using baking stone and it has reached a nice hot temperature, you might want to use a pizza paddle which is a large wooden handle that looks like a paddle which slides underneath the baked pizza and can bring the baking stone out.
  5. The next big challenge that arises when you use a baking stone for pizza, is in knowing, how much cornmeal to dust on the stone before cooking. Too little and you will never get the pizza off the stone.
  6. So, the trick to get the right parts of the pizza out after using a baking stone is to season it properly. Now what does this have to do with how you use a baking stone for pizza? Simple. A good seasoning will mean that the oil will eventually seep in while getting cooked using the baking stone. And once this is done, it will acquire a certain nonstick quality over time, for whenever in the future that you intend using  stone again.
  7. Now, comes the cooling part, once you have tried to use a baking stone and done so successfully, you must place it on a heat resistant surface. I use another cold tile and let it cool down naturally.
  8. Remember that something as hot as your baking stone at that time must not come into contact with cold water instantly.

This is the gist of how to use a baking stone and how not to also! Hope you string up the cheese!

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How To Use Baking Stone For Pizza