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How To Remove Mold From Coffee Beans

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It is essential to remove mold from coffee beans. Though the fungus gives flavor and aroma to the bean, Ochratoxin A formed on the bean through the mold increases the chance of kidney cancer. Also one should be careful about coffee mold allergies. So removing mold from coffee beans becomes important to prevent any adverse effect.


Molds find coffee bean as the best source to grow in as they are rich in nutrients. Warmth and moisture together aggravate the growth of the mold. Some mold can be noticeable and some may not, you can find white fur covering over unroasted coffee beans that gives a musty flavor when it is grounded.

But many people believe that fungi found in the bean may be the secret of the great coffee. Recent studies too show that these molds add flavor and special aroma to the coffee. However, looking at the other effects like coffee bean mold allergy and their symptoms, it is advised to remove mold from coffee beans.

You can follow these steps given here to prevent ingestion of mold.

  • Coffee bean should be washed using cold water, this is done to clean the ungerminated mold spores found over the surface of the coffee beans.
  • Take a blunt knife and scrap the mold.
  • Place the coffee beans in a water tight container, pour one part of vinegar and two parts of water to fill the container. Leave it for 30 minutes and then talk the coffee bean from the container and wash in cold running water.
  • Now, in order to remove the mold, brew the coffee beans that are affected. While brewing, be careful else it would affect the taste.
  • Throw away the ones that are in a very bad state.  Store the rest in a dry and dark place to avoid mold growth.

Besides boosting energy, a cup of coffee offers various benefits. Drinking coffee increase happiness and the antioxidants in it has the ability to fight free radicals that causes damage to the cells in the body. But the molds found in the beans overrides these benefits. So it is better to remove mold from coffee beans. Have a great cup of coffee without molds to get all the benefits of coffee beans.

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How To Remove Mold From Coffee Beans