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How to Put Corks in the Wine Bottles

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The process of putting corks in the wine bottles may include using a simple hand corker for single bottles or it may be a sophisticated system that will cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars so as to bottle the wines commercially. You can choose any of the methods to put corks in the wine bottles. The corks can either be prepared from natural oak bark which imported from Portugal and Spain or it can be made using extruded plastic, which is manufactured most commonly in Europe and even North America. We will focus on how to to put corks in wine bottles using a simple hand corker.


Choose Your Bottles


Select a wine bottle which has about 3/4-inch opening. Not all of the wine bottles are designed in a way that they can be corked but most of them are designed for screw tops.


Buy Corks


You can buy corks that are made using natural oak bark from any winemaking supply shop. You should pick a plastic corks only in case you buy or rent a stand corker. Plastic corks will not work for hand-corking devices. If you want to seal the wine bottle properly you should go for a straight cork. The grade of the cork that you pick must be chosen on the basis of how long you want to cellar your wine.


Prepare the Corks


When the corks are soaked or steamed it will become easier for you to insert them into the bottles. For this you will have to soak the corks for the night in a mixture which includes 3 tbsp. potassium metabisulfite in a gallon of cold water. If you steam them, you will have to dip them in one to three minutes inside a pot of hot boiling water that has already been removed from the stove. If you exceed the steaming time, the corks may get too soft. Thereafter, they will easily when stored.


Buy or Rent a Corker


You can buy a handheld corker or you may even rent one from a home winemaking supply shop. Corkers are fit into a wine bottle when they are compressed and inserted into the bottle in one motion. Place a cork inside the device, position the bottle and then pull the lever.


Ensure a Good Seal


Once corked, it is advised to keep these wine bottles upright for at least two or three days so as to ensure a good seal.


So use the handy tips for putting corks in wine bottles whenver you need them. 


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How To Put Corks In The Wine Bottles