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How To Create American Style Bento Box

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A bento box is the Japanese equivalent of a lunch package. However, it is thought to be superlative to the American way of carrying food in zip pouches and paper bags which generate a lot of trash everyday. It is time now to think healthy! And opting for an American packed lunch in bento lunch boxes will help you to get the best of both worlds. But how to create American style bento box? Read along to find more…


List - Making a list of all your favorite foods is the ideal way to get started. A Japanese bento box is almost always pleasing to the eye as it contains differently colored food items packed in an interesting manner within it. Think along similar lines while trying this out with a typical American packed lunch. It is also important to choose foods from all groups in order to remain healthy.


The Box - Selecting the right kind of bento box will help you to carry your American packed lunch more effectively. You can always go for the stainless steel ones as they are easy to clean, but selecting an assortment of colored bento lunch boxes will undoubtedly increase the fun quotient.


Sandwiches - Bread is the primary food that goes into the American packed lunch as opposed to rice items. You can cut the sandwiches into different alluring shapes by trimming it and filling it with differently colored food items. Garnishing them with bits of olives, raisins and nuts help in enhancing the artistic as well as the nutritional value of the food that goes inside the bento lunch boxes.


Proteins - Grilled pieces of meat or a poached fish along with diced eggs are the most conventional protein items that can go into a bento box. However, you can also pack some nuts, baked beans or even a container of chicken soup into the bento box as your daily protein intake.


Salads - Colorful salads made by tossing various vegetables together make a wonderful addition to the contents of the bento box. However, be careful about using only those fruits that remain firm over a long period of time. A small corn on the cob makes an excellent embellishment and is considered to be a healthy food item worthy of the bento box.


Desserts - No bento box is complete without the quintessential dessert item. You can simply add a couple of whole grain cookies or innovatively decorated cupcakes to the lunch box. However, trying to staying healthy is important and you will do well to substitute the conventional sweet items with yoghurt and fruit based pies instead.


Assembling the bento box is a great fun activity enabling you to arrange the different items by color, shapes and sizes. However, it is essential to understand the nature of the food item and the importance of placing it in the proper sized compartment. Covering the box with a wax paper or napkin is a good way of preventing the foods from sliding when in transit.

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How To Create American Style Bento Box