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How To Make A Cheap Wine Cabinet At Home

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Making a cheap wine cabinet at home gives you the freedom to design the cabinet the way you want, at a lower cost. It is really wonderful to have a good collection of wine and if you stack them on the wine cabinet built by you it's even more special.

 Many feel making a cheap wine cabinet at home is not an easy task but you can make it easily and enjoy building the cabinet too. You can make a wine cabinet by converting a bookcase or any appropriate box with PVC pipes. It may cost you thousands of dollars to get a custom wine rack but why spend so much when you can create your own cabinet at home?

Steps to make a cheap wine cabinet:

  • Before making a cheap wine cabinet, remember that the wine bottles should be displayed horizontally without any pressure on the cork.
  • First take a book case or any box which can store many wine bottles you desire. The box you pick should accommodate the wine bottles so as take the average size of wine bottles. Usually wine bottles are 11 ½ inches long and the diameter is 3 inches.
  • The PVC pipes you pick to make wine cabinets can be smaller than the average size of the wine bottle. The PVC can be 10 inches long, so by making the pipe smaller, the wine bottle necks sticks out allowing you to access them easily.
  • The outside diameter of the PVC pipe should be 4 ¼ inches.
  • To place 10 bottles; the box you choose should be 42 ½ inches lengthwise and minimum of 11 ½ inches deep. If you want to store more bottles say 28 bottles then you should choose a bigger box measuring 11 ½ inches deep, 26 ¾ inches wide and 18 ¾ inches long.
  • Make many 10 inches PVC pipes so that you can fix them on the bookcase.
  • Take fine grit sandpaper to sand the edges of the pipes that you have taken. No need to sand both edges, do it for the edge which faces out.
  • Arrange the wine bottles between the PVC pipes, this is usually two-feet tall. If it exceeds this height, place the PVC pipes at the back end with the help of strong tape. Also place them at the back of the box, this is done as a precaution to prevent toppling.

Voila! Now you have built a wine cabinet to stack your collection of wine bottles. This cabinet may be a cheap one but it will definitely serve your purpose. Make a wine cabinet at home using simple equipments and feel happy that you have built your own inexpensive wine cabinet.

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How To Make A Cheap Wine Cabinet At Home