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Long Tradition Of German Baking

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We are going to tell you about the long tradition of German Baking.  All of us might have savored cheesecakes, marzipans, stollen, and cream cakes without realizing that they are industrious imports of German baking.


We think enjoying some of the popular German desserts will help us to understand the tradition of German baking.



  • Kuchen: Kuchen is one of the staple German cakes, which is enjoyed throughout the world. The German immigrants popularized it throughout the world. Kuchen encapsulates the integral essence of German baking tradition. It is a well-known coffee cake, which can be prepared in different ways. Some versions may have cinnamon and sugar filing, others may have sweet custard filing, some others may have fruit and creamy custard, etc.

  • Aniseed Cookies:  These artistically embossed cookies tell us about the glorious tradition of German baking.  This cookie is prepared by pressing the mold into rolled dough and it is allowed to cool before baking.  These cookies are unusual in the way that hart shorn is used as the leavening agent.

  • Kringel : Kringels are butter-layered German cookies which depict the richness of great German tradition. of baking The German bakers popularized this awesome tradition of German bakingin other European countries too. Many variations of these butter-layered cookies are popular throughout the world.

  • Zimtsterne: These Christmas cookies tells us about  rich tradition of German baking, which has helped them to secure global attention as one of the staple cookies. These cookies are combined by mixing almonds and cinnamon. These cookies are part of nostalgic German baking tradition and are an integral part of the German Christmas celebrations.

  • Spitzbuben:  These strawberry jam sandwiched butter cookies are the part of glorious German baking tradition. These cookies are mostly served during Christmas. They are offered as Christmas gifts. These cookies are best to be served within 12 hours of baking.


We know that it is difficult to confine the savoring information regarding the glorious tradition of German baking within a blog. But we hope that this blog will give a basic idea about the richness and elegance of German baking traditions.   


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Long Tradition Of German Baking