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How To Reheat Cooked Crab

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It takes a little craftsmanship to reheat cooked crab. Crab is very delicate seafood and utmost care needs to be taken when cooking crab or reheating cooked crab. Crabs cook faster than meat or beef. Although it is hard from outside, it is very soft from inside and the flesh of crab gets cooked or reheated very quickly. There are several methods to reheat cooked crab and it depends on what preparation of crab is being reheated or how the cooked crab has been stored.

Method 1: If you have cooked crab in gravy and stored it in the freezer, then the first thing you need to do is thaw the crab. It needs to get defrosted completely before you start reheating cooked crab. Once the cooked crab is thawed transfer it to a wok. The wok should be big enough so that the crabs are not on top of each other. Pour a little water to loosen the gravy and start reheating the cooked crab on a medium flame. Cover the wok with a lid so that the steam remains inside and helps the crab to get heated properly. If you have not stored the crab in the freezer then take it out from the fridge. Bring it to room temperature and reheat cooked crab.

Method 2: If you have cooked crab in a dry form where there isn’t much gravy then the best

way to reheat cooked crab is by steaming. Take out each piece of the crab and arrange them separately on a steamer plate or a colander. Cover the steamer or the colander and start steaming the pre cooked crabs. In case you are using a steamer you can steam the pre cooked crabs in the microwave also.


Method 3: If you want to reheat the cooked crab in the microwave then don’t just simply place it on a microwave dish and reheat it. Cover the crab nicely with paper towels. It should form a thick layer. Then you can either put this crab parcel in a plastic bowl or in a plastic cover (which is suitable for microwave cooking). Heat the crab in the microwave for not more than a minute at a stretch. Take out the parcel and keep checking it till you are satisfied that it is heated up properly.

Method 4: Reheating cooked crab in the oven is also a good option. You can either wrap the cooked crab in a foil and put it in the oven or you can directly put the crab in an oven proof dish and reheat it.

Whichever method you choose to follow to reheat cooked crab, always remember to bring the it to room temperature before reheating it.

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How To Reheat Cooked Crab