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How To Melt Gouda Cheese At Home

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Gouda cheese is a yellow cheese made from cow’s milk. We have to melt Gouda cheese because of the demand for the recipe. Melted Gouda cheese adds taste to burgers, vegetables, pasta sauces, creamy soups and many types of gravy. However, it is very important to melt Gouda cheese in the right way.

For melting Gouda cheese, a double boiler is needed. Boilers are basically double pan kitchen utensil which is used for melting cheese and chocolates. Besides, a knife, cutting board, wooden spoon and a hot plate or a stove is needed.

  • Now to melt Gouda cheese one needs to put water in the bottom pan of the double broiler.

  • Then the pan is put on the hotplate or stove at medium heat.

  • For melting Gouda cheese, the whole cheese is placed on the cutting board.

  • With the help of knife the cheese is cut into uniform pieces.

  • Once the water in the bottom pan starts boiling, the cheese pieces are put on the top pan of the double broiler in order to melt Gouda cheese.

  • To ensure proper melting of Gouda cheese, the pieces are stirred with a wooden spoon. Also, while melting Gouda cheese, make sure that the water does not boil much as a high boil can result in cheese sticking to the sides of the pan.

  • The Gouda cheese will soon start melting. Keep stirring till you melt Gouda cheese as per the consistency required.

  • It is also easy to add to the flavor when melting Gouda cheese. Just add dry wine, lemon juice or any other flavor of your choice in the bottom of the double boiler. All the flavors will get infused to the cheese and will make it taste delicious.

Melt Gouda cheese at your ease and enjoy the tasty bites of crackers, pasta and desserts topped with this amazing cheese.

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How To Melt Gouda Cheese At Home