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How To Cut & Serve Gouda Cheese


Serve Gouda cheese (also called the golden wheels of Gouda - with a sharp taste)  with fruity wines. You would have known that serving Gouda cheese is a little time consuming as the texture of the cheese is semi-hard. As it gets older, the cheese also gets harder and saltier making it difficult for you to slice and serve. Before we get into that, know the types of Gouda so you will know why you need to think before buying the harder variety.




The young Gouda cheese is usually of 1 to 6 months of age and is also creamier than the other variety. The cheese that has aged more than 6 months is normally harder and saltier. The older cheese is also crunchy and brittle owing to the formation of calcium lactate crystals.


Now for cutting the cheese, keep it out of the refrigerator well before you plan to serve it. Cheese is easy to cut in room temperature and tastes best when it’s served so. If you have a good, all-purpose utility knife your job would be easy.  Besides, the store bought Gouda also has a paraffin wax coating which can get tricky to peel off. The coating can be either in red or yellow colour for young Gouda and in black for older ones.


The young Gouda cheese is usually easy to tackle with a cheese slicer since they are relatively softer than the older ones. The older ones can be tackled with a knife and be cut in cubes before serving.


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How To Cut & Serve Gouda Cheese