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How To Design Labels For Beer Bottles

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Have you ever hosted a party, and heard people say that may be you should market your homemade beer? Well, may be you should design labels and give it a name and just come out with your own line of beer.


Why Design

Designing labels is key to giving it the personal touch. It is not tough to design labels if you have the right things to do it. The first thing you will need is a good software. You can either use the free program called GIMP or get yourself an Adobe Photoshop Elements. Once this is in place, the next thing to do is choose the label size. While designing labels it is important to plan according to size. If you can find one of those pre stick labels in the right size then nothing like it. If you are looking for something better, then you can always buy design labels online. A little web search will get you the answer.


How To Go About It

You can design labels with the help of the simple tools in the software and use clip art or interesting pictures off the net to add to the look of the labels. Sky is the limit, be as creative as possible. Remember a catchy name is key. Along with that, on to the design label, add important details like date of brewing, your name, occasion presented, expiry date etc.


The design labels are now ready, and it is time to get them printed. You might have to export it into a JPG format and then print. Make many copies of the design labels and do remember to follow instructions related to the designing label purchased.


If you have used sticky design labels, then applying them to the bottle will not be tough, otherwise, you will have to work through this patiently the old fashioned way with gum or glue. These personalized beers are good gifts for friends and family, and the praises you get is definitely worth the hard work. Who doesn't love it when they all praise your designer labels and the beer.


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How To Design Labels For Beer Bottles