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How To Measure Blue Claw Crabs

How to measure Blue Claw Crabs? Very simple actually! But first, I would like to dedicate this post to all the 'crabby' Cancerians in my life. Dang! I'm surrounded by Cancerians and I can't do with or without them. Getting back to the topic, our dear friend, the blue claw crab, is a native of the Western Atlantic waters. But as science and technology advanced, the blue claw crab has been introduced to the Japanese and European waters like the Baltic Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. These blue claw crabs taste really good when you make a dish out of them, but many argue that there is not enough meat inside it. But, I leave that decision to you; quantity or quality?


To measure blue claw crabs, you need to identify them first. Easily enough, you can identify them by spotting a bluish-purplish tint of the shell and legs. Moreover, the male crabs have sort of an azure blue tipped claw. The female crabs have a red tinge to their claws. Red is hotter, no? LOL! Wear gloves when you deal with live crabs because the blue crab pricks are quite toxic to humans. Blood poisoning is a real threat here. The size of the blue crab is measured across the width of its shell as opposed to the length of the shell. It is fair enough, considering the fact that the widest portions have the maximum flesh. Then again, these crabs can also be measured in terms of their weight.


I'm going to give you some pointers on how to measure blue claw crabs

  1. Wear protective gloves to start with. You don't want to take chances with your life, do you?

  2. Place the crab down with the shell side facing you. 

  3. Spread out the legs and claws so that the crab sits evenly on the surface.

  4. Now, measure the crab across the width of the shell using a measuring tape. You will be measuring from one lateral spine to the other later spine.

  5. And like I mentioned before, you can also the weigh the crab.


Good luck with your measuring blue claw crabs and other similar aspiration. Mazel Tov!


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How To Measure Blue Claw Crabs