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How to Carve a Chicken in 18 Seconds

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I interviewed Martin Yan for my food column in the Tampa Tribune. Watch him as he carves a chicken in 18 seconds!

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How to carve a chicken in 18seconds!
Amazing video on how to carve a chicken in just 18 seconds is here to go. The skill is quite a reward for all those professionals out there, and what else, it saves much of your time in kitchen, so that you can spend left over precious time with your family!

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Love Martin Yan, he is amazing off camera, very down to earth. I always learn from him. We both are very interested in Nonya cucinend the Chinese diaspor cuisines. Living here in the heart of this in San Francisco opens our minds to such as Chinese-Indian, Macao Chiinese-Portugese, Nonya style of Penang, Malaysia, and of course the Chinese-Laos style and the Chinese Vietnamese style, and what of the Chinese in Kalkutta? Facinating foods of the diaspora. Shanti/Mary-Anne
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I love Martin Yan too! His cooking shows and books are full of my favourite kind of cuisine. Fun video :-) Thanks for sharing! Liz :-)
How To Carve A Chicken In 18 Seconds Video, How To Carve A Chicken In 18seconds!