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How To Remove English Walnut Hulls Easily

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As an answer to the question – how to remove English walnut hulls easily; you might look for the hammers or mallets in your kitchen. But, removing English walnut hulls is not at all difficult, if you buy the properly matured harvest. Walnuts are quite nutritious as well as tasty additions to your recipes, but the main problem is that, without removing the hulls you cannot use them. It is also a cumbersome process to remove English walnut hulls by hitting with hammer or some heavy object. However, if you follow these instructions, it won’t remain a critical job to do.


Tips to Remove English Walnut Hulls

1.       If you have your own harvest of walnuts, then you have to be little careful to estimate the appropriate harvesting time. Usually it is during the months of August and September, when the hulls start to burst naturally by themselves.  During this period you don’t have to waste much time and energy removing English walnut hulls.

2.       However, there might be situations when the hulls will not burst naturally. In that case, you have to inspect the hulls individually. When the nuts are properly matured, they will have brown hulls. Harvest the nuts, when you find these are ready. Allow your harvest to dry under direct sunlight for another couple of weeks or until they burst naturally. Inspect the hulls in a regular basis to find, if they have any cracks on their hulls or not. Also, flip the nuts daily, so that the sunlight can prepare them evenly.

3.       If you find even a thin crack, you can easily remove English walnut hulls without much effort. Simply break the hulls along the crack, without disturbing the inside kernel. Gently, use your hand for removing English walnut hulls and store the kernels in an air-tight container.

4.       In case, you are buying whole nuts from the market, then you have to inspect the nuts before buying. Check for the right maturity level for the whole nuts. At home, spread the nuts on a mat under direct sun. Don’t forget to flip the nuts occasionally, while waiting for them to burst by themselves. Follow the same method to remove English walnut hulls, when you find that these are having fine cracks.


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How To Remove English Walnut Hulls Easily