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How To Remove Salmon Scales At Home

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If you want to enjoy the taste of fresh salmon, you have to learn the processing of cleaning it, which includes how to remove salmon scales at home. Removing salmon scales can be done easily at home, when you know the tricks. You may also require removing the skin of salmon, in case your recipe asks for it. Even otherwise, you can remove the skin, if you don’t like to keep it for grilling. Here are few tips for removing the salmon scales and skin, which will come handy in processing your fresh salmon.

Tips for Removing Salmon Scales and Skin

The best way to remove salmon scales is to use the fish scaler. You can buy this equipment at any kitchen utility store. Otherwise, you can also use the blunt side of your knife for removing salmon scales off. You will get the same result by using the side of a spoon.  But before going to this procedure, you should hold your fish over the sink or on top of the garbage can. I usually spread an old news paper on the surface, where I am de-scaling the fish. This is the most useful method, as you can fold the news paper and throw it all away into the garbage bin. To remove salmon scales you have to run the blunt side of the knife gently on the body. You might need putting little more pressure, in case the scales are too sticky to the skin. Thoroughly rinse the fish in running water, after you have removed the scales. This will wash away the loose scales also. But, be careful about your sink, as the scales can clog the drain pipe.

Now if you want to remove the skin, you would require a sharp knife. The professionals use a filet knife to take off the skin as well as to prepare the filets. However, if you don’t have a fillet knife, any sharp knife will do. The trick of removing the skin is simple; you have to start from the tail. Make a slit on the skin at the tail and then pull the skin outward by holding with hand. Use gentle cuts to separate the skin from the flesh. Slowly you will notice that you are being able to take off only the skin from the flesh. Many people prefer to cut the fish into fillets, before removing salmon scales and skin. In fact, if you buy the salmon fillets with skin, you have to remove the skin from the fillets. This method to remove salmon scales and skin will also work for the fillets. However, while using sharp knife be careful about your hand and fingers.


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How To Remove Salmon Scales At Home